Fairview Playlists

Following the retirement of our long serving Music Director, Fairview is currently taking a journey into music discovery.  Below you can find several playlists on YouTube and Spotify.  These are praise songs, hymns, and other worship music that are curated and bundled together to bring new music into your daily lives.  Music is a huge part of our church and many people’s spiritual lives as Christians, and we invite you to add this music into your life outside of the Sunday service.


*Please note that if you do not have Spotify, this player will only provide you with a 30-second sample of each song. To make a free Spotify account, go here.

Praise the Lord of Living Waters: Gord McCrostie

Music from BC Artists You Should Know: Lincoln

Worship Wonders: Favourites that May Be New to You

Worship Jams: Music Fairview Loves