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Welcome to Fairview.

A gathering of friends and families who love Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

Our people come from all over Greater Vancouver.  We represent a wide spectrum of ethnicities and ages: we are singles, couples, widows  and families; we are teens, seniors, adults, and kids. We are diverse thinkers.  We are a community.


Our congregation has been part of the neighbourhood for over a hundred years. We are a group of disciples who continually try to live out our love for God, each other and the world.  We worship together and grow in faith together through Sunday services, ministries, Bible studies and fellowship.  We also enjoy a bit of cake now and again, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, milestones and other life events together. 

What We Believe

The Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, “What is the chief end of man?” or, more simply put, “Why are we here?” to which the answer comes, “…to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.”  In short, we are here to be loved by God and to relish in His affections so much that we cannot help the overflow of that love to spill out from us and on to others as well.
We believe in God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the inspiration of the scriptures, in growing together through faithful worship.  We believe in the sharing of the sacraments together, living our lives in Christ through discipleship, love and justice.  And we believe in reaching out to share God’s love as we put all of our hope in Him.
As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, in the reformed tradition, we also adhere to a number of official statements of faith including the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicaean Creed.  Most recently our theology (our understanding of God) has been voiced through the words of Living Faith.
We welcome you to visit us and, perhaps, to come back.

Jesus said

“I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.”

[John 10:10]

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