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Worship Leader (Interim)

Worship Leader (Interim)

Fairview Church is seeking an Interim Worship Leader during a vacancy in its pulpit leadership and following the retirement of a long-serving music leader.

The congregation has a small and active group that supports music in worship with its limited training and skills. The congregation would like to have the support of a worship- and ministry-minded leader to participate actively, bringing a fresh perspective to coordinating and leading music in worship.

We are also currently accepting applications for a Youth and Family Ministries Leader and welcome creative applications if you have qualifications and experience in both areas.


The role is expected to last between twelve months and two years (negotiable).


We want you to help plan worship services and lead music and other worship elements in them, working collaboratively with our Interim Moderator and with other designated leaders. This includes your active involvement in advance planning for worship and other activities and a weekly review and refinement of music and other elements for upcoming worship services.

We want you to participate in leading worship including music and other elements of worship as agreed. You may need to adapt elements to be suitable for worship in person and online. During our pulpit vacancy you may play a bigger role depending on the needs and preferences of the preaching minister each week. When we have a new minister the role may adapt according to the gifts and approach of the new minister.

You will identify and propose innovative and appropriate approaches that will enhance the congregation’s ability to worship, support church ministries and support outreach.

We anticipate that you will play one or more instruments so that the congregation may participate meaningfully in song, by listening, or by other means as appropriate. We also ask you to consider times when it is helpful to prepare, record and compile elements for online use or to identify and prepare musical elements from external sources (recordings, videos, etc.) where appropriate.

We ask you to get to know the congregation, encouraging, leading and supporting the participation of people with gifts and talents (including music, reading, praying, art, etc.) to use their gifts in appropriate ways for worship, building the church family and reaching out to friends and neighbours.

Where appropriate you may identify, encourage and invite others from outside the congregation to share their talents, especially with a view to teaching and to model worship approaches.


You have a demonstrated Christian faith; this is a position in leading worship and not solely in musical direction or musical performance.

You have experience, preferably with formal training, leading Christian groups in worship including music, prayer and reading.

You have music leadership training and experience including leading congregations or similar groups in singing, playing instruments and other methods of using music as an aid to worship.

You are proficient in one or more musical instruments, suitable for leading congregational music.

Hours and Compensation

We anticipate 8 – 12 hours each week, though this is negotiable.

We will pay a rate that respects your qualifications and experience.

To apply


Please send your application to



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