Church Leadership Team
Rev. Brad Childs

Rev. Brad Childs has been the minister of Fairview Presbyterian Church since April 2016.
This position is currently vacant
Children & Youth

Details to come.

Chang Hwa Kim
Director of Music

Our music ministry is comprised of a variety of music ranging from 16th century to contemporary music.

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Poul Rasmusen
Office Administrator
As of June 2016
Church Session
Team of Elders

The following are the current ruling elders of our church.

Mr. Young Moo Cho Mr. Brian Mills
Mr. Brian Dennehy Mrs. Kit Schindell
Mr. Paul Dylla Mr. Dal Schindell
Mr. Kiejoon Kim Mrs. Marion Stroet
Mr. Richard Knowler Ms Nancy Woo
Dr. Donald McLean Dr. Bill Walker
Mr. Wayne Eascott  
Why do we have elders?
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